Thursday, March 10, 2005

esm blog move (again)

Ok, well I’m off of EBlogger.  It just doesn’t have the features I want!

So I exported from EBlogger to WordPress, and moved my blog site off of MSE resources.  Thus, my new blog url is  WordPress is sweeeet!

My old feed links:

redirect to my new feed link:

If you are using Sage or any other intelligent RSS reader, it should follow the redirect for the old link feeds. 

The move wasn’t totally painless.  The two major issues were

  • that comments on my EBlogger posts didn’t export or were imported improperly by WordPress (I haven’t looked into the exact cause).
  • that EBlogger permalink urls were not mapped to WordPress permalink urls.

<paul harvy>... and now, the rest of the story.</paul harvy>


Susan said...

Do you have to subscribe in order to use Word Press?

esm said...

ugh. sorry didn't get an email re the comment.

to use wordpress you just need a place to install it. The requirements are:
+ php scripting language
+ mysql datatabase (other db's may be supported but i'm using mysql)
+ a place to put the wordpress software (I use a hosting company to host my website and other services).

So I don't pay for wordpress but I do pay my hosting company for their service.