Thursday, March 10, 2005

RSS feed for new books

At last night's blogging program sponsored by the Potomac Valley Chapter of ASIS&T, someone mentioned that the Penn library was doing interesting things with RSS feeds. It turns out that they make available RSS feeds for lists of new books acquired by the library. You can choose subject area, location, format, and language. I know that Horizon is at least talking about doing this, but I hadn't seen it in action. Looks like it could be a really useful tool if the subject categories act properly.


esm said...

There is a strong desire in Systems for us to create these services. But the push for these services needs to also come from people outside of Systems: e.g. some demand. That way the "feed for new books" service becomes part of a bona fide project which will have tangible results instead of being an "on the margin" thing that someone cooks up in their free time for the heck of it.

Hopefully the portal working group will have a demo ready in the near future (no committment to timeline). Then hopefully services like "new books" will become part of the portal project which results from a successful demo. But there needs to be a demand from the professionals, students, and staff who would rely on and use the services.

This way Systems can argue for or allocate resources towards a bona fide project that addresses services that people want and find useful! We need your help!

Susan said...

I have a great idea I think that is based on customer need. I've given Sue the details.

esm said...

Awesome, keep 'em coming!