Saturday, March 04, 2006

Benefits of getting new staff...

learning aobut cool undergrad library portal

We've recently hired an acquisitions librarian away from St. Cloud State University. She's told us about a very nice undergraduate portal for research they had at the last library she worked in.

I love the clean look and compact design and they have a good ear for names.

Find Full Text is their SFX journal/article locator service in a nice interface

Research QuickStart goes to something like our subject guides (again, better name)

Top of the screen is a search box (uses X server?) that chooses some general purpose databases limiting to
  • books & articles
  • books only
  • articles only
  • newspapers
They have library pages for individual courses that seem to share a common format that allows for autogeneration of lists.

I'm really happy that these guys use SFX. I want to pick their brains at the upcoming SMUG (or whatever they call it now) mtg.
They also have a nice way of handling metasearching -- I love the link entitled 'what am I searching?'

really cool


Julie Blake said...

Technically, the link you provided is for the University of Minnesota's site, and they wouldn't want me claiming credit. St. Cloud State just rides on their coattails, using their open source tools and revising them for local needs.

Susan said...

I do think a portal is the way to go and what would really be cool would be customized channels on portals.