Wednesday, April 26, 2006

OpenURLs, they're not just for the commercial big guys anymore.

Right now you probably just see the citation to the book by CarolineBledsoe in the space below this text.

Caroline H. Bledsoe
Women and marriage in Kpelle society.
This will go to whatever link resolver you are using

But if you download the COinS extension for Firefox and configure it for Hopkins you'll see the Find IT button below this citation. Click on the button and you'll get a FIND IT menu that has a link that searches the JH Libraries catalog for the title.
How cool is that?!
OK, if you missed the point, this means that anyone can put a COinS enabled URL in any web page (blog, wiki, etc) and people who have the COinS extension configured properly can get their own link resolving button on that page.

Here's what you need to know:
Go to this link for info about getting the COinS extension for your Firefox browser:
Use these settings you'll need to configure your extension to work with the JH linkresolver
  • Link server base URL is
  • OpenURL version 0.1
  • Image location is
If you want to generate a COinS URL for your web page, here's a COinS generater page:

OCLC has now added COinS capability to Google Scholar and to their "Find in a library" service in regular Google. According to OCLC
COinS has already been implemented in various online resources including Wikipedia's Book Sources Page, Citebase, HubMed, and the British Library's ZETOC service."

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