Friday, June 23, 2006

Someone with a clear understanding of human nature

I don't read Wired that much. It's got good writing but, in print, I find it hard to wade through all the graphic fru-fru. I find it easier to read on the web but, since that's the kind of stuff I usually read on airplanes....

Anyway, somehow I stumbled on a short essay in Wired about Wikipedia and was amazed at the profundity of this writer's insights. For example:

"...Wikipedia exists in a state of quantum significance flux. It's simultaneously a shining, flawless collection of incontrovertible information, and a debased pile of meaningless words thrown together by uneducated lemurs with political agendas. It simply cannot exist in any state between these two extremes. You can test this yourself by expressing a reasonable opinion about the site in any public space. Whatever words you type, they will be interpreted by readers as supporting one of these two opposing views."
You've gotta admire a guy who can create a pseudo-concept like "quantum significance flux" and then throw it into the same paragraph with a lyrical phrase like "uneducated lemurs with political agendas."

My advice:
  1. Read the whole thing. It's short.
  2. Skip the podcast version. It's not as well edited and he seems to have a cold

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