Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Hello all,

A technical query.

We were getting a lot of spam to an unpublished e-mail address. The only instance we could find of it online is in a form. When you look at the source code, you can clearly see the group e-mail (such as group@blah.edu). Some one told me that there was no way this type of form could generate spam because the e-mail info is all server side (Cold Fusion). But if I can see it in the source code, can't the spiders too?

We've since changed the e-mail and the form, but it did get me wondering about it. Can you set up a form to that it displays the Library as the recipient, but hides the address so its not visible in the source code?



Polymathy said...


You can have the recipient email address be included in the script that processes the form rather than be presented in the html source code. This will allow you to designate who will receive the form data, the subject line of the message and even how the data is formatted in the email message. If you want to see an example, let me know.

Susan said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks! Hopefully our webmaster fixed our problem.I've seen too much spam this last month. If we end up getting spam anyway, I might take you up on that offer.