Sunday, November 06, 2005

Promise of better postings in the near future

I've been behind in postings for the last few weeks as I've been eyeball deep in the implementation of MetaLib here at Hopkins (we're calling it JHsearch.) But I hopw to make it up a bit. I'm leaving this afternoon for Charlottesville and the fall DLF conference. I'll try to write up a bit each evening on what I saw.

I'm going to a meeting on the Aquifer Project -- a big digization project. I'll be able to tell you more once I've been to the meeting. Also, Adam Chandler is giving a presentation on where DLF is heading with E Resource Mgmt so I'll go to that.


Susan said...

Not J-Search?

Sue Woodson said...

Jeeze, where were you when we were thinking up a name. That would have been much better.

Susan said...

Well, I was just thinking what rolls off the tongue well. Image a professor saying to an undergrad, 'Where did you find these citations?'

The undergrad replies, 'I J-searched it'

Alternatively, 'I JH-Searched it.'

Kind of like j-card. Have fun in VA. I would like to like in Charlottsville someday.

Susan said...

p.s., Hopkins should know, I'm available for consulting. :)