Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cool catalog interface/engine, part 2

Wow, I looked around and it has some great features.

Here's a good powerpoint on the thinking behind it --“The Dis-Integration of Library Systems of the Future” (Kristen Antelman) http://www.lib.virginia.edu/ptpl/2005antelman.ppt

I love what she has to say -- she understands that you just can't shove everything into a single Integrated System. No matter how hard you try, something new will come along that doesn't fit the model. You have to be able to pull up related info from different sources in real time. She calls the system as a whole the E-Matrix and says what we really need is a mashup of all these different pieces of info.

OK so right now we've got (or will soon have) these knowledgebases -- if you will forgive the term
  • SFX
  • MetaLib (JHsearch)
  • our catalog records (MARC info)
  • new E-Resource Management System
  • vendor A&I dbases like EBSCO (some full text)
The question is, how will we mashup all those sources? We've got our Web Site and we're going to have portals. What goes where? When do we pull in personalization?

And how do we make the switch without traumatising our patrons?

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