Sunday, January 22, 2006

Midwinter in San Antonio

It seems slower to me than in the past but I'm not sure whether it's me or if the conference has changed.
  • The best thing I've seen here is Scholarly Stats, a company that will go out and gather all your online use stats, normalize them where possible and hand them to you as a csv file so that you can do your own analysis. I'm hoping we can get it.

  • Sirsi/Dynix has a new scheme for rolling out their new products. They will have 'migration scripts' that will allow us to go on using the existing version of the system while we are testing our own data and then do the cut over when we want to. What's not to like.

  • They told Ron that they understood why the sloooow response time to the WebReporter and think the most recent upgrade should have fixed it.

  • The prospects for getting a slightly early start on x-server look good.

  • Unfortunately my scheduled meeting with some folks from the International Relations Round Table fell through. We were going to talk about setting up an open URL link resolver for folks in deveopig nations. I'm not sure what happened, they just didn't show.Go figure.

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