Monday, December 17, 2007

"Beyond OPAC 2.0: Library Catalog as Versatile Discovery Platform"

There's an absolutely fabulous article in The Code4Lib Journal about what NCSU is doing these days with their catalog. Since JH is in the middle of thinking about what we're going to do when we don't have Horizon to kick around anymore this article caught my eye.

If you remember NCSU folks are the one who brought us the faceted 'Endeca-based" catalog a few years ago. Of course they are up to even more creative doings.

The whole article is very interesting but if phrases like 'Application Programming Interface' and 'data modeling' make your eyes glaze over then just skip the one section called "CatalogWS."

But definitely don't miss the section on "Current Applications." I'm excited by the idea of making a version of the catalog for the mobile--you're in the stacks and can't remember what the call # is. What do you do? pull up the catalog in your phone. Cool, huh?

BTW, The Code4Lib Journal is a brand new journal and our own Jonathan Rochkind is one of the founding editors.

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