Friday, October 14, 2005


Anyone going to get one of those new video IPODs? I have to say, I haven't been too tempted to get an IPOD before but this just might do it for me. I would love to catch up on my favorite TV show, which since Jonathan we've more or less banned TV while he's awake.

If NBC signs a deal to license the Apprentice (the Trump version), I'm so there.
How much will I pay to download each episode? They might as well make seasons available for download at a slightly discounted price. I think they said it's $2.99 per episode without the commercials. Will be interesting to see how advertisers react.


Sue Woodson said...

Do you have to have the ipod? I can play itunes on my computer. could i play iTV shows on my computer?

Susan said...

I would think you could. I think the appeal for me is the portability...and the fact I could watch some TV while working out at the gym. I remember seeing students balance their DVD players on the hand bars of their stationary bikes, but I'm not so coordinated I'm afraid.