Wednesday, October 19, 2005

OK, it's not really scrapple...

But I can't resist posting a BBC article about 'Zombie worms' off Sweden. They feed on whale bones and are also called -- and this is the great part -- "bone-eating snot-flowers". Really. And the reason they are called that is because part of the worm looks like a flower and the section that is exposed to the water is "covered in a ball of mucus, so they are quite snotty."

Cool. Who knew they let 8 year olds name worms.

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Eliz said...

HA! You did get me with this one. Contrary to common belief, the Swedes are a highly colorful group, albeit hidden beneath a silent, expressionless demeanor. This is best expressed in their language--after all, these are the people who gave you, "Now you've shit in the blue cupboard!" and "It shrieks to clear one self out of the road with the waist intact." (find the translations online, win a grin). So snot flowers is right up there.

Actually, you've got to wonder if this isn't just a hoax perpetrated by Peter Høeg in retaliation for centuries of Swedish-Danish strife. It sure sounds like the last chapter of Smilla's Sense of Snow. Signe's Fear of Snotty Seagrass?