Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pointless and yet impressive

Check out the site Toogle http://c6.org/toogle/.

In the search box I started out with King Henry the eighth. Whoa. see what it spits out.

Did fine with yellow roses

But try a query with just the word scrapple.

Somebody has an awful lot of time on their hands.


Susan said...

Oh my! I toogled Sue Woodson & David Djajaputra. Try it. :) I also toogled Lincoln. It took a while to come up. I wonder if it was trying to figure out the town car or the historical figure.

Then try woogle if you think toogle is pointless: http://www.gujian.net/woogle/

Some of my favorites: book in print. Librarian action figure. Or strange: try "Thank God it's Friday." Not sure about that God image. Or why it's brought up a dinosaur comic strip.


Sue Woodson said...

Jeekers! I just did Sue Woodson. You can run but you can't hide!