Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Posted to a new director's listserv, I thought this was a great tip:

"When you have a long URL that you need to send in an e-mail, and youwant to keep this problem from occurring, there's an easy way tocreate a short URL, called "TinyURL." Go to http://tinyurl.com/ and paste your long URL into the box on the screen. The program willcreate a short URL that will open the original Web page! You can evencreate a special TinyURL bookmark for your Web browser. Then, whenyou open a Web page with a long URL, you need only click on yourTinyURL bookmark, and it will automatically create a short URL foryou, without your having to cut and paste."

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Sue Woodson said...

This is cool. Our wiki environment creates tinyURLs for individual pages. I didn't know there was a service that could do this in general.