Tuesday, August 08, 2006

yes, but will it weed?

Leopard, Mac's OS in development, will have the ability to auto-save. There's a slider to see earlier versions of photos, for example. And, according to BBC, "it also lets users search for files overwritten or altered in the past." Notice the plural--files.

So I guess we'll have our very own Way-Back machine. Maybe I'll write Brewster for a grant to buy disk space for all the backups.
Truth in blogging confession: I hate to weed and so I don't back up most of my files -- but I do back up the ones I want to keep. At work I have the luxury of a network drive that someone else backs up regularly. I put anything I want to preserve there -- performance appraisals, budget spreadsheets, etc. Same with e-mail. I only archive stuff that I think I might be called upon to use later. At home I print out any text I want to save and put I put my precious pictures up on Flickr (n.b., many are not precious.)

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