Monday, March 07, 2005

'cause you can't do authority control for the whole world

KwMap -- keyword map to the Whole Internet --
From their F.A.Q.

# What is KwMap ? is a complex keyword refining tool, aiming to help you discover new keywords. It is a fact that search engines can only help you in finding something if you know the right keywords. runs on a multi-gigabyte database of keyword inter-relations. You can search all common concepts and you will be presented with related keywords (eg. 'car' -> 'wind shiled', 'formula 1', 'bmw') and keyword variations (eg. 'car' -> 'car parts', 'car insurance', 'rent a car'). We also run pertinent links associated to most of the keywords.
# How do I use the keyword chart?
The keyword chart contains two axes, one of them is for keywords which are different but related to your search keyword, and the other is for keywords which contain your search keyword. We try to place the most relevant keywords in the middle. You can navigate by simply clicking on the keywords. When you reach a dead-end or you want to change the theme, use on the "New Kw" button.

'wind shiled'??? I guess it helps you pick up sites even if the authors can't spell...if that's what you want.

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