Monday, March 21, 2005

Muse & Google

The text of MUSE journals is now indexed by Google and will soon be available in Google Scholar. To retrieve Muse articles from Google you'll need:
  • a Hoopkins IP
  • a search string that includes
n.b., Google will not cache MUSE content and will protect images from inclusion in any of the image searching products Google is developing.

(I know, I'm sick of Google stuff, too. But this is our own press.)

1 comment:

Sue Woodson said...

Just tried a Head-to-Head contest between Google and the native interface:

Searched both for "child soldier" (including the quotes)

Google had duplicate hits when there was a .pdf version of the article
Muse didn't have duplicates but had a couple of false hits.

So you be the judge.

So, for comprehensive, you might lean towards Muse.

Neither is exactly precise. Both have what are essentially false hits.

When I search for child soldier without the quotes I got a very different outcome.
Google -- 7,150 hits
Muse -- 1288 hits
(and no, I didn't try to figure out overlap)