Thursday, March 24, 2005

Remember Jake?

I hear Jake is no longer being updated. Instead, there is now

According to their website:

CUFTS is an open source (GPL) OpenURL link resolver designed for use by library consortia. It supports multiple sites from one server, online management tools, usage statistics, and includes a knowledgebase of ~165 resources with ~200,000 title records. Sites can individually activate resources they have access to, as well as subserts of titles for packages to which they only have partial subscriptions.


Sue Woodson said...

This is very interesting. I'm especially interested in the cufts2marc tool. I wonder if that would be at all useful in generating Hermes order records?

It seems, though that this will only cover e-journals that are part of an a&i database. That makes it not very useful. We need to track e-journals that we subescibe to individually.

Still, interesting that they are doing this sort of thing at all.

Susan said...

I haven't looked at the tool too much, but I wonder if it might help Liz M. with her management of the statistics?