Tuesday, March 15, 2005

OK, this might not work

But Google says they'll make a 'site flavored' version of their results list if you use this service. I've told them my site was about Maryland and Africa.

Site-Flavored Google Search

Create a Site-Flavored Google Search box by copying and pasting the following HTML code into your own web page:


Adding this code to your web site will create a search box that looks like this:


Susan said...

huh? I don't get it. So if I search for blogs in that search box on scrapple stuff, shouldn't I get blogs that have something to do with Africa or Maryland?

Data Wrangler said...

Yeah, I couldn't get it to work well either. It doesn't seem to filter searches, but it sometimes marks them as relevant. I searched for "baseball" and didn't get anything about Maryland (or Africa for that matter) and baseball on the first five screens. When I entered "maryland baseball" in the search box, a few of the hits had a colored balls icon next to them--these were supposed to be most relevant. It still didn't help me sort through things.

Sue Woodson said...

maybe it doesn't work because it's in this blog space that's somewhat tied down (they don't really like many tags ) If you have another place to put this the code is at http://www.google.com/services/siteflavored.html