Tuesday, April 12, 2005

David, what do you think about this kind of software?

SemioTagger and Skyline--EContent Decision-maker Review By Robert J. Boeri in EContent Jan/Feb 2005.

This is a review of the product
"Entrieva SemioTagger and Skyline

Purpose: A categorization and indexing engine and viewer that organizes unstructured text to allow it to be viewed and leveraged as business intelligence.

Starting Price: $75,000 per CPU plus 20% annual maintenance for which you receive SemioTagger, the Entrieva Software Development Toolkit, one Taxonomy Workbench seat, and 27 subject-area taxonomies.
$50,000 more buys Skyline, SemioMap, and SemioDiscovery. "

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Data Wrangler said...

Do we have business intelligence here :-) I looked at a similar product called Data Harmony earlier this spring. It does some cool things, but seems rather hard to learn and is pretty expensive, too--around $50,000 per year, I think.