Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Latent OpenURLs -- standards are about to be proposed

Have a look at Eric Hellman (Openly Informatics) draft of a proposal developing standards for Latent OpenURLs at The idea is to create a standard for embedding OpenURL metadata into plain HTML.

To make a Latent OpenURL in an HTML document, put an OpenURL into the "href" attribute of an HTML anchor ("a") tag with class (or maybe rel) attribute set to "Z3988" [the NISO OpenURL standard is Z39.88-2004 -- dump the punctuation and the year and you have Z3988]

This proposal grew out of a discussion on the gcs-pcs list about developing a bookmarklet for a simple appropriate-resolver prototype. Having a convention for embedding OpenURLs in plain HTML makes it easier to develop schemes (bookmarklets, plug ins, whatever) for activating the URL to call a link resover server. Should be of interest to publishers of various sorts.

It looks as if the folks on gcs-pcs are about ready to go public (goal is 1 May) so, if you want to get two cents in, or if you'd just like to get a clearer understanding of what this is all about. I recommend Eric's draft.

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