Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Usability VS CMS

Applying Usability Principles to Your CMS
By Tony Byrne - March 2005 EContent vol 26, #3.

The article is about CMS usability but there are lots of interestin tidbits. For example

  • Stev Krug of Dont' make me think. fame says that User Centered Design "is not an occupation but an approach...so I encourage people to go ahead and practice it without a license"
  • as projects get larger (more people) the interface needs to get simpler "Put another way, the bigger the project, the less you should spend on a software solution."
  • one way to judge the usability of a product you are looking to buy is to go to the training sessions for the various products.
  • My favorite quote from the article: "In conference rooms around the word, authors are standing up and declaring, 'Our CMS tool sucks.'"

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Data Wrangler said...

I liked this article, too. There is going to be a follow up, but it is not in the current issue. The Web Steering Committee is doing a usability survey of content creators next month, but I would like to do more.