Friday, April 29, 2005

Ultra-thin clients--light and cheap

BBC has a story today about an ultra-thin client product developed by a not-for-profit company, Ndiyo.

"The sub-£100 box, called Nivo, runs on open-source software and is known as a "thin client". Several can be linked up to a central "brain", or server.

Thin clients are not new, but advances have made them more user-friendly."
(£100 is about $190 today)

The product is called NIVO (Network In Video Out). It's a small device (12 X 8 X 2 cm or 4.75 X 3.15 X .75 inches) and that encases just a little more than ports for ethernet, monitor, keyboard & mouse. The next upgrade is planned to add sound and local USB ports. The more distant goal is to make NIVO a chip that goes in a monitor.

Ndiyo's vision for a networking architecture that it becoms "more affordable and sustainable, especially for the developing world." Have a look at their vision/presentation of the product.

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