Monday, May 02, 2005

Google news patents credibility ranking system

A great idea? Slippery slope? More difficult than it might seem?

Google will give a credibility index to news reports based on
  • number of stories from all news sources
  • average story length in that article's source
  • number with bylines
  • number of the bureaux cited (sic)
  • long they have been in business
  • number of staff
  • volume of internet traffic to its website
  • number of countries accessing the site
OK, so now the question is: Which source gets a higher score--NPR, Fox, NBC, ABC, C-SPAN, Al Jazeera, BBC, San Jose Mercury, Slashdot?

And they could also rank "sales and services could in the future be listed on the basis of price and the reputation of the company involved."

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