Friday, May 20, 2005

Google web clips -- yawn

If you've got GMail you can now add rss or atom feeds as a one-line windowette above your in-box. It's really kind of weird.

It isn't a feed. But then they don't claim that it is.
It isn't what Bloglines calls clips either. That's a kind of virtual verticle file of clips you want to keep.

This is just a one line above the in-box. It shows one feed entry at a time.
You get to other entries using the arrow keys to the right. With those you 'scroll' through through your list of feeds one entry at a time. And they don't even show all the entries for each feed together. First you see an entry for feed1, then an entry for feed 2 and so on. Arghh.

To my mind this misses one of the best features of feeds. With this you can't see a whole bunch of entries for a feed at one time. A drop-down like live book marks would be much better.

Back to the drawing board, boys and girls.

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