Thursday, May 05, 2005

Search the catalog with a Firefox extension

Those folks at Waubonsee Community College's Todd Library are doing some very cool work in their catalog.
  • They have a Firefox extension that does a Z39.50 search of their catalog.
  • Catalog entries have a Map button that takes you to a map of the floor where the item should be.
  • And, oh yeah, some of the entries include cover images.
But wait, there's more. They have several RSS feeds available via the RSS icon in the lower right hand corner.

At first I figured that it was a wealthy city but the census says the median income for 2000 is $83,332. Just interesting people doing nifty work. Go figure.

See the Shifted Librarian for more stuff like this


esm said...

So where can I get a chart of municipalties median income across the united states.

I'd like to answer the question: what percentile would 88k/family be in?

esm said...



I got interested in sherlok a while ago - its a mac search thing.

the search server functionality seems very simple, and is an extention of sherlok...

Sue Woodson said...

US Census Bureau has a nifty Fact Finder site

When you go there you can get basic facts about cities and towns. Lookfor the index in the blue column on the left. The one for People takes you to a page where you can find stuff about income.

The Census Bureau site itself is pretty amazing. The wealth of data there is staggering.

John Wohlers said...

The catalog search is actually not based on Z39.50 It is simply passing a set of parameters to our Web2 card catalog.

It is very simple to create. I used the instructions at: