Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Personal Info Mgmt -- after bookmarks

Google is great for the huge collection of web pages on the Internetweb but it's not for people to manage their own info.

Net Snippets isn't for scholars but it's another interesting tool for going beyond bookmarks to collect resources on the web. Seems like there is more and more of this sort of thing out there.


esm said...

More and more I WANT central bookmark management. If I could just access my bookmarks from my Firefox sidebar from any of my Firefox browers, I'd by happy as a clam.

JKay said...

The FREE edition of Net Snippets isn't for scholars, but the "professional" edition sure is! - I do professional research and I live by it. Didn't find any other tool that gave me what I need -- automatic source tracking, automatic bibliography creation in standard formats like MLA, automatic table-of-contents creation for a collection of excepts, etc. etc.

RC said...

I'm not a scholar, but as a student I find NetSnippets extremely useful, and I use it often for assignments where web and database research is required. In fact, most students at my department are using it, some from the main lab where it's installed, and others from home using the free edition. even though it doesn't have ALL the features, it is still very useful for collecting stuff and keeping track of it. For instance, you can collect images, links, entire pages, highlight text, add your own comments, even set a level of importance for each snippet, Import all you Favorites to it, send snippets by mail, and more cool stuff.