Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bloggers Beware...

This is all pretty common sense stuff, but an interesting article. I'm on a listserv where some search committee members and library directors disclosed that they regularly Google candidates prior to interviewing (and then one did it again prior to hiring - maybe in case something changed?).

This idea of googling candidates seems disturbing to me. How would a person know if they had found the candidates real page? I suppose it might be easy if there was a picture, but...For instance, there is another library director with my exact name. Somebody googled me apparently and asked me when I moved to South Carolina or somewhere like that.

What if this other person with my name had a questionable website? I think it's interesting that we harp on students to evaluate the information they find on the web and yet there we (the royal we) are punching names into Google. Specifically google too. Do you think people trust the information they find through the google search interface more than other search engines?

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