Saturday, July 09, 2005

Executive Squirrel--a story where e- is not enough

Built (upholstered?) by an MIT grad student, this animatroic squirrel monitors your incoming phone calls as well as your action (via a motion detector) and decides whether to alert you by "shimmying" or simply put the person through to your voicemail.

My advice? Look for a print copy of Technology Review v 108(8): 25. In the print copy you get a picture of the squirrel and drawings of how it works. The best drawing is number 4 where a guy holds the squirrel in the palm of his hand and talks into its ear. The guy doesn't have pupils and looks like he's in a trance. A little creepy.

The concept is interesting. I'd like one that could screen out sales reps from the publishers. But the execution reminds me a bit too much of that dog 'helper' in MS Office. Cold-hearted soul that I am, I hate that dog! I could see, though, a hand like Mickey Mouse's. Waves at you when there's a call you should take.

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