Saturday, July 30, 2005

RFID in your pants

No really, it's a true story. Texas A&M University's Corps Cadets is outfitting cadets' pants, shirts, skirts, and jackets with tags that use RFID, to keep track of the garments' whereabouts.

Officials say the technology will make it much easier for them to take inventory of the articles, which students rent every year. But some privacy advocates argue that the RFID tags could broadcast personal information to snoops or government officials.

Wonder what the penalty will be for removing, disabling, or tampering with a tag?

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Sue Woodson said...

I doubt that Corp members will object. Not their style.

TAMU is its own kind of world. A crowd of angry Aggies once kept the Rice band trapped inside the football stadim after the game because the were offended by the band's half-time performance. The fact that Rice won the game only made them madder. The university finally sent a food service truck to back into a loading dock and spirit the band members away

Check out the TAMU privacy policy.